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President’s Message

“Promoting healthy bodies and clean water”

At Shabondama Soap Co., Ltd. we produce and sell soap that is completely free from chemicals and synthetic additives.

While the creation of sustainable societies is an idea that is attracting a great deal of attention throughout the world, the severity of a range of problems such as pollution, the harmful effects of chemicals and environmental destruction continues to grow and will require many years of research before their causes are fully understood. However, both the safety and effectiveness of traditional soap that uses only natural ingredients has already been proven during its long history of use.?

This is why we produce only additive-free soap.

We promise to contribute to society by creating products that are in harmony with nature and that are safe and provide a sense of security to all living things on our planet. Furthermore, by putting all of our energy into planning and developing products using production technology, we will continue striving to find ways to deliver a greater level of comfort to our customers.

I wish you all the best of health and look forward to your continued custom and support.


president and representative director Hayato Morita


“Promoting healthy bodies and clean water”

Shabondama Group

Production Division SHABONDAMA SOAP
Co., Ltd.

Established May, 1949 (Showa 24)
Capital 300 million yen
Headquarters 2-23-1 Minamifutashima Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, 808-0195
TEL +81 (0)93-701-3181
FAX +81 (0)93-791-7250
Directors Hayato Morita, president and representative director; Michio Takahashi, executive director

Co., Ltd.

Established March, 1987(Showa 62)
Capital 99 million yen
Headquarters 2-23-1 Minamifutashima Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, 808-0195
TEL +81 (0)93-791-8400
FAX +81 (0)93-791-4814
Directors Hayato Morita, president and representative director
Tokyo Main Office 4-8-9-402 Takanawa,Minato-ku,Tokyo, 108-0074
TEL:+81 (0)3-3446-8400
FAX:+81 (0)3-3446-8411

Mail Order Division SHABONDAMA HONPO
Co., Ltd.

Established May, 1975 (Showa 50)
Capital 86.2 million yen
Headquarters 2-23-1 Minamifutashima Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City, 808-0195
TEL +81 (0)93-791-4800
FAX +81 (0)93-791-9990
Directors Hayato Morita, president and representative director

Planning Division SHABONDAMA

Established 1995 (Heisei 7)
Capital 89 million yen
Headquarters 7-29 Suga-machi Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, 802-0034
TEL +81 (0)93-791-4800
FAX +81 (0)93-791-9990
Directors Hayato Morita, president and representative director



Headquarters factory

2-23-1, Minami Futajima, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka



By Bus
  • Kitakyushu City Bus - Get off at the bus stop "Hiyoshi shrine", and 5 minutes walk.
By JR Train
  • Chikuho Electric Railroad - Get off at the station "Futajima", and 15 minutes walk.
By Car
  • About 15 minutes from Wakato Bridge IC.
  • About 20 minutes from Kurosaki IC.

Fukuoka IC → Take Kita Kyushu Expressway → Exit at Kurosaki IC → Take Route199(approximately 20 mituntes).

Hiroshima IC → Take Kita Kyushu Expressway → Exit at Wakato IC → Take Route199(approximately 15 mituntes).

Basic Policies

  1. 1.Contribute to society through promoting the use of additive-free soap that is kind to
    both people and the environment.
  2. 2.Be aware of our social responsibilities and strive to achieve sustainable development
    in corporate and regional activities.
  3. 3.Strive to develop better products through persistent effort and research.

Environmental Principles


In order to promote healthy bodies and clean water, through our efforts to develop products that are kind to both people and the environment, we strive to contribute to society, conserve our planet’s environment and hand down a planet and society that will be comfortable and safe for future generations to live in.


As one of the businesses in Kitakyushu City that has overcome pollution, Shabondama Soap Group will promote the following environmental activities while producing and selling additive-free soap.

  1. 1.Comply with environmental regulations, ordinances and other requirements that this group has assented to uphold.
  2. 2.Reduce waste volumes, handle waste correctly and curtail emissions of waste into the atmosphere, water and soil.
  3. 3.Cut energy use (CO2 emissions) in order to prevent global warming.
  4. 4.Cut waste and recycle in order to promote the effective use of resources.
  5. 5.Set environmental targets and goals, subject these to a periodical review and strive to make
    continual improvements to environmental management systems.
  6. 6.From the standpoint of social responsibilities, make use of the characteristics of our
    company and actively engage in activities that will contribute to the external environment.


February, 1910
Morita Hanjiro Shoten founded in present-day Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City
July, 1931
Birth of ex-chairman Mitsunori Morita, who would go on to establish Shabondama Soap Co., Ltd.
May, 1949
Incorporation as Morita Shoten Co., Ltd.
March, 1964
Ex-chairman Mitsunori Morita becomes president of the then Morita Shoten. Major products at the time were synthetic detergents
August, 1965
Relocation of headquarters to Kokurakita Ward and change of company name to Morita Shoji Co., Ltd.
March, 1971
An order from Japan National Railways (present-day JR) leads to the development of prototype additive-free soap
April, 1971
Birth of additive-free soap (96% soap, 5% water) surpassing Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) at the time. When used at home, provides a cure for those who have suffered with long-term eczema.
August, 1974
With the resolution not sell products known to cause harm to the body, switchover to producing and selling additive-free soap. Sales decrease dramatically by around 1% and over half of all staff lose their jobs
March, 1975
Shabondama Powdered Soap goes on sale
April, 1975
Birth of Shabon-chan, the company’s logo
May, 1975
Solid-type soap goes on sale. Establishment of Shabondama Honpo Co., Ltd
March, 1987
With the inauguration of the new factory, company name changed to Shabondama Soap Co., Ltd. and relocated to the present site
March, 1991
Publication of Shizenry? Sekken Dokuhon (A Natural Soap Reader). Despite continued stagnation, proves to be a major turning point
December, 1991
Establishment of Shabondama Tomo no Kai, a loyalty club giving members a 10% discount on purchases
February, 1995
Inauguration of headquarters and factory expansion
September, 1999
Acquisition by the four companies in our group of ISO14001 certification, the International Standard for environmental management
August, 2000
Inauguration of factory expansion and our 90th anniversary
Development of highly-effective soap-type fire extinguishing agent that is environmentally-friendly starts in earnest
June, 2005
Expansion of our liquid production and fire extinguishing agent production factories
July, 2005
EM Liquid Soap series goes on sale
May, 2006
Completion of our automated logistics warehouse
July, 2006
Shabondama Liquid Soap series goes on sale
March, 2007
Ex-president Mitsunori Morita’s eldest son Hayato Morita becomes president
September, 2007
Ex-president Mitsunori Morita passes away
October, 2007
After many years of research, Soap-type Fire Extinguishing Agent Miracle Foam goes on sale in earnest
December, 2007
Shabondama Organic Olive Soap goes on sale
January, 2009
Shabondama Kitchen Series goes on sale
April, 2009
Research on fire extinguishing agent for forest fires begins in earnest
December, 2009
Establishment of the Research Center for Infectious Diseases
February 1, 2010
Our 100th anniversary
August, 2010
Shabondama Baby series goes on sale
October, 2010
Reception held to mark our 100th anniversary
His motto was ‘always smile, no matter what
A photograph used to advertise Shabondama when it first went on sale
A range of products sold at the time
Our existing spray tower, which is 26m tall
Approximately 10,000 people tour our factory every year
The addition of EM to our additive-free soap increases the self-cleansing capabilities of the natural world
Dramatic reductions in applied fire flow as this environmentally-friendly fire extinguishing agent puts out fires with creamy and fine bubbles
Our commitment to seeking out higher quality materials thanks to the input of our customers
Endorsed by countless people who are worried about rough skin